About me

30+ / CEE / Rock ’n Roll

Me?! An entrepreneur? Nah….never! Not that type. Can’t deal with risk and uncertainty. Plus the idea and the creativity is missing….so nope, no chance.

This is what I would have told you a year ago if we had talked about life choices over coffee. I could never ever imagine building my own company. And yet, here I am…from IT manager I’m gradually becoming an apparel entrepreneur. It’s a hell of a journey – happiness and tears, desperation and confidence, agony and relief but utmost FUN!

I started this blog for various reasons – firstly, I wanted to test Google and social media business options to understand the logic before I launch the company. Then I realized that writing gives me motivation and helps me organize my thoughts, so I kept on writing and writing until I got enough material to launch this blog.

Some basic facts about me –

I’m in love with

      • coffee
      • music
      • Italian wine
      • running
      • Dr Martens (Made in England)
      • literature
      • sushi
      • cozy blankets
      • pretty mugs
      • and smart people

I care about

      • environment
      • animal welfare
      • healthy living
      • and sustainability

I’m the proudest

      • wife of the best Husband
      • owner of the smartest dog
      • daughter of the coolest parents
      • and sister of the sweetest person on earth

Also, I watch Smurfs in the mornings while having coffee (Husband still finds this hard to cope with)